Monday, May 01, 2006


We were at a party, and someone pronounced the space-arranging term, “feng shui,” as “FUNG CHOY.”

I knew he was probably right. He looked stylish. I couldn’t help admitting that I’ve always pronounced it, “FENG SHOOEY.”

His wife bailed me out. She looked even MORE stylish. Turns out that, a few years ago, they redecorated their home inside and out in a format known as “shabby chic.” You know: distressed woodwork, paint artfully rubbed off on some corners, certain kinds of fabrics that remind you of a very old English cottage with boatloads of charm. . . .

. . . but her friend misunderstood. SHE thought the new décor was “scabby chick.”

EWWWW! Wallpaper with roosters who look like they have leprosy?!? Throw pillows with fluffy chicks with red sores on their necks?

I wouldn’t even want to go in a home like that, not even to take a . . . PEEP. I’d . . . BAWK!

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