Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Maddy was on the trampoline and I was spotting her while trying to read the paper. So I was using just one hand and half of one eye to catch and roll back her blue rubber bouncy ball.

She was trying like heck to get my full attention, but it wasn’t working, until she exclaimed:

‘’Mommy! Mommy! Did you know balls lay eggs?’’

Hunh? They do?

Then I saw, laying on the grass near us, a golf whiffle ball and a softball -- much smaller than the ball she was playing with. Ah HA!

Now that she has discerned where little baby BALLS come from, can ‘’The Question’’ be far behind? Lord, give me strength . . . and the resilence of a room full of bouncy balls.


Praise report: Thanks to all the prayer warriors who have held up the shield for a little girl named Regan (Aicardi Syndrome, Aug. 31 prayer request). Regan's pneumonia has been resolved and she is well enough to go back to ‘’school.’’ (James 5:14-16)

Prayer request: An attorney named Dennis has a very rare cancer that has moved to his liver. He is on an intense chemotherapy regime and had to be hospitalized for transfusions last week. Now his wife Elaine has to be tested, for it is believed that this form of cancer is environmentally-caused. They are devout Catholics and he has been anointed. Father, be with them, and help the doctors detect the cause so that others might be protected from further harm. (Jeremiah 17:14)

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