Wednesday, September 22, 2004


One of the reasons I wanted to go to the University of Missouri for journalism school is that big shots like Dan Rather went there.

Come to find out, they said he had barely scraped by, making ‘’D’s’’ through school. Hunh. And here I am, a washed-up, cheesy housewife in Flyover USA with no audience ratings except for my newfound favorite, tomato pie, and yet I got almost all A’s down there. Wuzzup wit DAT?

Now that Rather is in so much trouble for flubbing the journalistic dub so badly on the forged National Guard documents, among other iffy and downright dumb stories and slants he’s had in the past, we should all know why.

He didn’t pay attention in class, and this is what happens.

I suppose they’ve taken his bust down from the Mizzou Hall of Fame ‘’for cleaning’’ or are turning it into a dartboard or something.

All things considered, I’m sure he’d . . . RATHER be a washed-up, cheesy househusband nowadays. More fun, less pressure . . . and there’s that home-grown tomato pie that makes your family BROADCAST it all over the neighborhood how yummy it is. Hmm. Now, there’s a newscast I’d like to see!


Prayer request: We offered prayer last week for a businessman named Bruce who collapsed of an apparent heart attack and was in critical care in a local hospital. Since then, a mutual friend has alerted us to an ongoing report on his condition written by his college-age daughter at It is heartwarming to read, although sad and scary, too. Thank You, Jesus, for the many acts of kindness that are being extended to the family in this ordeal, and continue to strengthen and comfort them. And keep up the prayers, please, for there’s still hope. (2 Corinthians 1:7)

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