Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Seems as though everyone has a story about incredibly bad housekeeping practices they have known – their own, or those of loved ones and co-workers. Here’s one for the oddball file:

The young co-worker was a delight -- spacey at times, but they had a blast together.

Then one day, she said, with eyes wide open, "My roommate and I cleaned the kitchen yesterday, and when we got to the top of the refrigerator, near the back was a huge loofah sponge. . . ."

Her co-worker interrupted her. "Jenny, why would you guys put a loofah on the top of your fridge?"

"We wondered the same thing. It was WAAAAY behind some cereal boxes. Turns out, it was a cantaloupe that had rotted. It was freaky. All that was left was the lacey shell. . . ."

A lacey . . . loofah!?!

Can’t run, can’t hide, can’t elope, can’t get around it – you’ve GOT to keep up with your housekeeping, or join those goofs in the Slob Hall of Fame.

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