Saturday, February 18, 2006


Have you been watching the Olympics? Pretty exciting stuff. Maddy, 5, has been all eyes.

Yesterday, she put her Build-a-Bear friend Spotty into a red plastic laundry basket, and plunged it down the stairs. The luge! Even though Spotty fell out every time, she did it over and over again. Kid has the makings of a sadistic personal trainer.

I’m afraid we have seven – count ‘em – colorful plastic Furbys from Burger King riding from one end of the main floor to the other on a skateboard. The floors are maple, not snow. But to Maddy, it’s team snowboarding.

These dreary winter days have weakened my resolve to keep all toys out of the family room. So there’s currently a four-foot plastic building framework complete with arched ceiling, a play kitchen, a mini-dinosaur land, all kinds of toy horses and bobble heads, and a zillion other toys in there, mostly scattered on the floor and tough on bare feet.

I was pretty depressed about the mess, ‘til I realized that it is JUST like the Olympics! Step on an upside-down Duplo block with sharp edges – and do a triple lutz with an inward pike and a 2½ twist! Tossing little dinosaurs into the ice-cream bucket from across the room – do hockey players have better aim? Moving across the room dodging toys on the floor is just like the Giant Slalom: zoom, whip, zoom!

Motherhood: you’ve got to have the moves, man.

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