Saturday, February 04, 2006


Oh, the weather outside is not so frightful. I think we had a snow-free January around here. It was odd! Every time I worry that it’s proof of global warming, they reveal that it’s the coldest and snowiest January on record somewhere else, like the former Soviet Union. Since we’re all on the same globe, I figure it can’t be global warming. Just global hotspots; Mother Nature must be going through menopause. Anyway, we’ve been lucky this year!

But one young mother I know has a special reason to hope that it doesn’t snow. The very sight of a fresh, new snowfall – a thing of beauty and peace to most of us – threatens to put her into Post-Traumatic Mess Syndrome.

See, one day, her two little girls closed the door to their room and had a whee! with a big container of baby powder. They emptied out the whole darn thing, everywhere. They made it snow indoors, and it WASN’T very pretty.

That poor mom vacuumed for three months, and never did feel as though she got it all up. In fact, she had to get a new vacuum cleaner!

So now, when she sees snow, her nostrils flare and she smells baby powder . . . and her palms start to sweat and her eyes cross . . . because a clean-up like that “snow” fun.

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