Tuesday, July 20, 2004


One of Maddy’s preschool teachers had an apartment fire, but now is back at work and doing fine. However, now the other one is moving to Germany. Her young husband is a junior executive going there for training by a multinational corporation. It’s kind of an honor and a fun adventure for them to live abroad for a year or two. But we’ll miss Ms. Sandy.

I asked Maddy what she would like to give her as a going-away gift. I was thinking along the lines of something Nebraska-y to share in Germany, such as popcorn, or maybe a picture frame or a bracelet, something like that.

But Maddy knew exactly what she wanted to give Ms. Sandy and her husband.

For her . . . a ROBOT FOOT.

For him . . . a CHEETAH shirt with CHEETAH pants.

What were they THINKING, to move over there without that stuff?

Hey . . . at least her gifts will be memorable!


Follow-up: REJOICE! Young Justin, yesterday’s prayer subject, did great through his neck surgery and will have full functioning, instead of being paralyzed. Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, prayer warriors.


Prayer request: A double dose of grace today for Linda, who lives in the Springfield, Mo., area. She and her husband are both cancer survivors and have lost an 18-month-old grandson to cancer. The trials have just made them more charitable. They give all they can to charities, including a home for severely handicapped persons where a cousin’s son lived for 30 years and has a wing named after him. Father, thank You for placing heroes like Linda in our paths so that our own burdens can be placed in perspective. Reward her for her faithfulness! And encourage us all to press on toward the prize that comes only from serving others with Your love. (Phillippians 3:14)

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