Thursday, July 29, 2004


My story of a gourmet dinner’s last course descending into a symphony of rude noises in the car on the way home reminded another mother of a similar experience . . . only she caused it.

‘’We had taken the boys, at about ages 7 and 9, to Davenport, Iowa. We stayed at a big old bed and breakfast, filled with antiques, high ceilings, old fancy plumbing, gourmet breakfasts, etc. It was really cool.

‘’There were two double beds in the room, about three feet apart. The boys were finally settling down in their bed, and Jim was drifting off, and it was SO civilized and peaceful.

‘’For some unknown reason, I decided it was a good time to play what my M.D. daddy called ‘the axillaphone.’ So, I slipped my right hand into my left armpit under my jammies, and started pumping my arm and playing away.

‘’Needless to say, in the darkened room, the boys were at instant attention. It was a great mother-son bonding/teaching time, something to pass on to the next generations. I talked them through the necessary skills from our bed, and pretty soon, the three of us were doing hand to armpit sounds that would make ANY man proud.

‘’Poor Jim. We three were laughing uncontrollably, trying to out-do each other. I can still hear Jim quietly say, ‘I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe you started this. I bet ALL the guests and half of Davenport are hearing this.’

‘’And I told him between guffaws that SOMEONE had to teach them this basic skill, and if he wasn't gonna step up to the plate, I would. With a sigh of resignation, he joined in.’’

What a family memory. Bed, breakfast, and ambience . . . compliments of an axillaphone quartet.


Prayer request: The mom in this story, Chris, says she feels overly distracted by life’s challenges, and distant from the Lord. She has already called a “time out” to just rest in Him and devote the whole evening to Him. We commend that discipline and seek it for ourselves, too. Lord Jesus, we pray that all of us, especially Chris, will make time in our busy schedules to just abide . . . pull in closer, bask in Your Word, and cherish some sweet and intimate moments in communion with You. (John 15:5)

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