Friday, July 23, 2004


Maddy’s preschool teacher is moving to Germany, and we finally settled on a parting gift -- a lovely bar of soap. Pink, of course. But Maddy also dictated this letter, which makes Germany sound a lot different than what I was picturing:

Dear Ms. Sandy,

I love you! You gave me pizza if I said ‘’Please.’’ You helped me do everything. You helped me a lot. You smiled at me.

Germany will be fun for you. Maybe it will have Care Bear buildings made out of clouds, and houses made out of clouds, and the one that’s jail is a big, huge Care Bear.

They eat Care Bear cake and they drink water made out of clouds.

People don’t live in Germany -- Care Bears do. But the Care Bears let persons in, ‘cause they’re loveable.

I wish Ms. Sandy and her husband will have a happy time.


Maddy Williams


Prayer request: People don’t often think of You, Jesus, as an excellent role model for business. But this weekend’s garage sale, which our older three girls are putting on, has followed Your leadings in many ways: order out of chaos, quality over quantity, the beauty and peace that come from living with a little bit less ‘’stuff’’ . . . while making “stuff” that others really need available cheap. What a great learning experience it has been for us all. Lord, bless the girls with big profits, and inspire them to tithe off their earnings. Teach them to be frugal and simple in their buying habits throughout their lives. (2 Corinthians 11:3)

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