Saturday, July 17, 2004


One of Maddy’s preschool teachers lost her apartment and most of its contents to a fire a couple of weeks ago. But friends old and new came through.

The Red Cross put her up in a place to stay while all the clean-up, insurance and arrangements could be made. She was very grateful. She said she has been aware of the Red Cross all her life, but always just vaguely. She used to think of them as helping people not a bit like her and far, far away, like in Africa. Not now. The Red Cross is her hometown hero for good, after this.

Her coworkers and a number of preschool parents chipped in with cash donations. It made her cry.

She used some of it to buy two new lamps, since the temporary apartment has no overhead lighting. She made sure they weren’t halogen. Why?

The fire started in an apartment near hers when the resident left and forgot to turn off a halogen lamp. It overheated. The first thing everybody did after the fire engines left was to throw out their halogen lamps.

That was one lesson. But the wonderful way people stepped up to help was another.

It may not make the papers. But to my mind, that’s HOT NEWS.


Prayer request: An urgent prayer request has gone out for Darrell, the husband of my fellow BIble study participant, Marlene. Darrell is being treated for brain cancer. He had to be rushed to the hospital earlier this week for suspected meningitis. They’ve ruled that out but still don’t know what’s wrong, other than he’s gravely ill and in need of prayer. (Psalm 20:6)

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