Monday, July 19, 2004


Our 16-year-old Eden is a good speller, a fast reader, and very imaginative. Sometimes, that combination spells trouble.

The other day, she saw one of those local family lifestyle magazines with a big misspelling on the cover, “thru” for “through.” It made her scan for more errors.

The cover photo showed girls doing ballet. There also was the text:

Helping baby sleep thru the night
Improving your baseball skills

Well, the font was skinny. She didn’t notice that the “I” on “Improving” was capitalized.

Therefore, she thought that text was about ONE story, telling you how to do BOTH of those things at the same time. You know, practicing baseball while getting your baby to sleep.


Hooking up rocker legs on the baby’s crib to a bat, while you rhythmically practice-swing?

Throwing the baby up in the air repetitively and catching him or her in an oversized glove?

Whew. Was she relieved to look again and realize those are TWO different stories.

Parenting is tricky . . . but not THAT tricky.


Prayer request: We pray for successful surgery today for a young man named Justin in southern Missouri, a brilliant student set to start Wheaton College in the fall. He was asleep in the back seat of a car coming home from a kayaking excursion, not wearing his seat belt, when there was a terrible crash and he fractured three neck vertebrae. There is a chance he could become a quadriplegic or suffer compression problems. We pray that surgery will prevent that, that he will be more submissive to his medical team, that his parents will find grace and rest, and that he will come through this trial with his season of distance from You over, Lord, and inspired to dedicate his life to You. (Psalm 38:8)

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