Tuesday, January 24, 2006


A friend clued me in to the number you have to call to get your cell phone number taken off the sucker lists of telemarketers. They soon will be able to make unwanted junk phone calls to your cell phone, eat up your free minutes, and eventually you’ll even have to PAY for these calls.

But if you call this number, you can opt out of that whole shebang. At least, I HOPE this is legit:

(888) 382-1222

Advertisers are already flooding our mailboxes, email inboxes, and regular telephones with annoying regularity, trying to sell us something or get our money somehow. Now cell phones. Then there’s all the ugly billboards and building signs, flyers, brochures, skywriting. . . .

What’s next? Little plastic-encapsulated ads that come through your WATER FAUCETS?

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