Monday, August 17, 2009


Everybody loves dinosaurs, but bet most of us have never thought about this aspect of their time on Earth:

According to the journal Paleontology, researchers in Argentina have discovered that if it wasn't for the South American scarab dung beetles, the whole South American continent would have been buried knee-deep in dinosaur manure.

Those gigantic creatures churned out a lot of you-know-what. But, the researchers found, those busy dung beetles collected it and buried it underground in caches the size of tennis balls to provide (eww!) food for their young.

If they hadn't, then disease-carrying flies would've gone wild, and the dung would have made plant growth nigh on impossible.

It's just another good example of the symbiosis, or mutually-beneficial relationships, with which God designed the world. Yeah, sure, some people say these are just lucky breaks -- happy coincidences -- millions of them. Just "random chance."

Oh, yeah? What a crock. :>)

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