Sunday, September 18, 2016


Heard about four clever fellows who told their wives they were going on a 4-day, bucket-list type golf trip to play Pebble Beach. That's the storied and very expensive golf course south of San Francisco.

Well, these canny laddies each brought four golf outfits for the trip. But they didn't play four of those very expensive rounds. Ah, no.

With a few wisely-placed tips to their caddy, they played Pebble Beach, all right -- but made a beeline  to the restroom after playing three separate holes. Why? To change into another golf outfit!

They had the caddy take their picture four separate times in that one round, with four different golf backgrounds on the highly recognizable course, and each time they were all wearing different golf outfits.

THEN they boarded a plane for Las Vegas . . . and spent the next three days gambling and carousing, even though those were not specifically wife-approved activities. Not sure if they wound up spending more, or less, money than the planned-upon four rounds at Pebble.

But when they got home, they each had four different golf pix to show their better halves. Yes, they got away with it. Bogey for honesty . . . birdie for ingenuity.

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