Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trickiest Trick-or-Treaters
Come in Pairs

Faves this Halloween:

-- Two late-elementary school girls came to our door as Salt and Pepper. They had matching dimestore gowns with the Pepper one dyed gray, and foil with holes poked in the top for crazy headdresses. Their pillowcases were nearly full of candy; they must have been working for hours. Call them "movers and shakers."

-- Another duo showed up as Laurel & Hardy, one tall and thin, and the other cute and rotund.

-- A married couple went to a party as a cross-dressing Sonny & Cher. The wife said it was really weird to put makeup on her longtime husband. She put it on thick and cheap, she said, and nobody could tell who he was. That, probably, was a good thing.

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